In the midst of the current MCO due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have learnt to adapt by using video conferencing and it’s going to change the way we work forever. Lately, we’ve also learnt of security issues with some of these platforms, especially for Zoom. So, is it still safe to use? Will it compromise my banking applications?

Here are 7 things to take note of for using Zoom

  1. Update your applications. Security patches are released all the time, so do ensure you have the latest version. Our FatNinja clients using outdated versions have been alerted by our ninja squad already.
  2. As a host, require a password for your meeting room to limit unwanted intrusions. Do periodically change this password.
  3. Use the waiting room function to manually admit participants into the meeting.
  4. Do not broadcast the Zoom meeting room ID and its password unnecessarily. Definitely, do not post it on social media platforms, but only send it out via secure channels.
  5. For private meetings with sensitive content, insist participants switch on their video cameras to validate participants’ identity since a name alone is not a surefire way to validate who they are.
  6. Is the recording function safe? While I’m sure Zoom has now secured the cloud recording aspect, if you want to be absolutely safe, only record to the local computer.
  7. Lastly, you might want to let everyone in your household know you’re going to be on a video call, so they behave! You may want to also be dressed appropriately. Long scruffy hair and beard are en vogue in this current period – so use it while it’s still fashionable.

We’ve seen WhatsApp messages that encourage people to delete the Zoom app as it can compromise your CIMB or Maybank credentials. Absolutely not. It’s fake news. iPhone and Android have better security than that, so don’t worry. In fact, spread the right news and share this post with your friends.

Apart from work meetings, do keep in touch with your family and friends through video calls over a scrumptious dinner or even a virtual workout to work those calories – who says work and play do not mix?

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