We want to help.

As an IT managed services company, we understand how difficult it is for many companies to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We seek to do our bit to provide help and have put together the following services for companies and individuals. Do bear with us, as we schedule the requests coming in.

All of these are free, absolutely no strings attached.

Here’s what we are offering.

Free Enterprise Antivirus

If you’re working from home, continue to keep viruses and ransomware far, far away. Let us offer protection for 60-days.


VPN Setup

Do you need to connect to the office network from home? Let us help you with that. We will try and get you going as best we can depending on what you have available.


Software Setup

Need help setting up video conferencing? We’d like to help get you connected via Zoom, Webex or Hangouts.

If you’re needing a remote desktop setup like TeamViewer / AnyDesk to connect to another computer remotely, we can help with that too.


30-min Consulting Call

During this MCO, it’s a good time to review your current IT setup. Speak with our friendly consultants to have a chat. No, we’re not selling anything, unless you want to buy.


IT Audit Reports

Do you truly know the health of your IT operations. We are offering you a comprehensive scorecard and report that gives actionable steps on how you can improve your environment.


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Due to the demand, please be patient and allow us to schedule your session.

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